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I'm Paul and i'm new here, so I'm hoping my questions haven't been covered before and I'm about to upset the regulars with stuff covered a thousand time. If so, I'm sorry. I did look through posts first. If I missed something, perhaps just a link to a previous answer would be appreciated.

I'm about to start my first project for which I have bought all the components, wood, electrics, etc. Apart from the final paint and clear coats etc. But in terms of what I need to build the thing, I have almost everything.

The project will be a Les Paul style guitar and I want to get as close to perfect as possible having invested in mostly genuine parts.

I have a nice bookmatched top and a great Mahogany body coming as well as a NOS Neck. I bought the neck because I don't think I have the skills to make a decent job of it yet. Maybe next time.

Of all the things that will no doubt arise and drive me crazy, two things currently keep me awake worrying.

1. When applying the burst, how do you keep it off the binding without leaving a ridge? I'm assuming the top is painted first and the sides, back etc are masked, but surely you don't paint over the binding? So a ridge MUST be left??? Once I get an answer to this, I assume the same question applis for the finish to the sides/back. After that, then I imaging it's just a case of applying the laquer all over and there's no need to worry about the binding as it is all covered by the top clear coat anyway. but that first bit puzzles me. any help here?

2. Can you guys please recommend the correct tools I will need for the routing of the cavities etc and especially the binding. I need to keep the costs down if possible as the guitar parts have already proved expensive. Will I need one or two tools? Stuff like that.

As I say, this is my first project. I'm normally quite good with my hands and have some skills and a lot of attention to detail. I'm patient and dedicated, so i'm excited about doing this right. But there are obviously a few specialist tools I'll need to buy and some skills I have to acquire. But I'm confident I'll make a good go of it and intend to post a blog to show progress once I have what I need to get started.

Even asking questions for me is a first. LOL I usually just dive in. But this means a lot to me.

Again, sorry if this is covered here already. I hope to take parrt as and when I can and look forward to hearing your advice.

PS: I already have a 86 Gibson Les Paul Custom and luthier plans to refer to.

Regards, Paul

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3 days, a ton of views and no reply?

I figure I either posted this in the wrong place, re-posted a previous question already answered or something else is wrong with my post.

Anyway, I have this weekend purchased a nice Black and Decker router and as I already have a dremel, I also ordered a binding cutter and guide from Stew Mac.

But i'm still a little confused about how to best apply the burst AFTER the binding is already on and how to avoid edges etc

So one of my questions is no longer relevent but I'd still love to hear advice on the other part.

Again, sorry if this is not posted properly. As it was a question about the finish, I guessed this was the right forum. I won't bother anyone again if not.

Regards, Paul

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1) Gibson has pictures on their site that can give you an idea of how they handle binding. Typically they spray over the binding then scrape them clean. Some people mask with tape however scraping will give you the sharpest edge.

2) Using a router and templates is the most common method to route cavities. For the binding channel most use a router with undersized bearing bit that will give the proper channel depth. Taylor has many different videos on their site one of which shows how they cut the binding channel.

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Taylor has many different videos on their site one of which shows how they cut the binding channel.

Thanks for your reply. I figured scraping was the way to go.

Where do i find this web site? Taylors. For the videos??

Thanks again

Never mind. I found it. thanks anyway.

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