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Where To Get Wider Fingerboard For 7 String Guitar?

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If you're in UK try Craft Supplies. But get their printed catalogue - their website is almost useless!

I bought an ebony board from them; it's 25.5" scale length, 24 fret, pre-radiused to 16" and pre-slotted. It's 69mm wide, so it's just wide enough!

They don't mention width (or whether they're to suit 6-strings or 7-strings) but if you ask for one wide as possible you should be fine.

Also, ask them to pack it well - I had one arrive broken, which was a pity since it was a couple of mm wider than the replacement!!

Hope this helps!


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I've gotten fairly wide fingerboards from LMII in the past, but it's hit or miss - what you get will always at least meet the "minimum dimensions" listed on their fingerboard pages. But if you need something special, they're usually more than willing to accommodate you; I'm pretty sure they can do wider.

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They sell 3 different size fingerboards: Standard 2" 3/4, Electric 2" 1/2 and Wide 3".

You should be ok with a Standard. Most 25.5 scale 7 strings are less than 2" 3/4. If you need something bigger than that, or if you really want to be sure you have enough material, just buy a bass fingerboard.

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