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@ ways- Stain your top with a brown dye. Now either scrub it with a rag using water or alcohol, depending on the stains base, or sand it with 220 till the color is only left in the curl. Then go over it with a pass of yellow and Voila!

thank you!...this has been brought up many times and noone was sure of the second color

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Hey, thanks VERY much. You know, this seem logical and very easy. Any further suggestions for water/alcohol based dye for this application?

BTW, found one site that said to mix light color first with some lacquer and spray on, this will seal and dye to non-curl while allowing you to then dye the curl with second coat. Sounds too difficult to get right, and maybe even requiring luck. I like this way MUUUCCCHHH better.

Thank you VERY much



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Yea- im gettin better with the bandsaw thing :D

I usually prefer alcohol based stain as it seems to stick in the grain better and has more vibrant color.

I wouldn't use laquer during any stage of staining. The whole point of multiple colors is to get them to blend and create a mid point. I think sealing a layer would only make it more difficult.

To get the exact color, if you choose to sand it out instead of scrubbing the top with alcohol or water, you will need to restain the brown a bit. Take about a 50% mix of your original brown and make a pass to add some brown back into the main part of the curl, then do the yellow. Then you can add light diluted wash coats to get the exact shade you want.

Good luck and i can't wait to see how you do B)

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Thank you very much,

I looked at web site, very nice work! I've been once again humbled by the master. It will be a little while before I get to this point but will CERTAINLY let you know how it turns out.

Ace, check out the avatar (or what ever that little pic on the left of the post looks like) .... BIG GRIN

Your certainly welcome :D That's what the forums about right? Thanks for taking a look at the site and the compliments are appreciated. Stop in on our forum as well if you have time. Always open to talking guitar stuff!

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