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Ibanez Rg120 Head/logo

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So as I look closely at this headstock, I'm noticing that the logo isn't actually on the wood of the headstock... rather, it's on a plastic sheet that glued to the headstock. If I remove this, I lose about two millimeters of the head width and the plastic actually underlaps the nut by about 3 or 4 millimeters.

Are there any recommendations as to what I should replace the plastic "logo plate" with, and how to deal with the underlap?

Thanks a lot!

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Does anyone know what I'm talking about? The RG was made in indonesia which probably means that they don't take the time to sand and paint the surface, rather, they just slap a pre-cut cover with the logo on it...

Sounds like a 'cap'.

They put them on lots of guitars, including Gibsons. It's a 'fibre board' and can have all sorts of inlays or not in it. Nothing to do with where it was made or anything or being too lazy to sand any surfaces. It's just easier to inlay a fibre board and glue it on than do it straight in to the head wood.

You can buy new blank fibre boards, uncut (ie: rectangular) to replace your one, or you might consider an ebony laminate sheet

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