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emg 81!


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Well i just installed an 81 in the bridge and a 60 in the neck of a strat tuned to C.... WOW... they're pretty nice, much better then the 85's i had in there, the 80 works great with the bassy purple heart fingerboard, and the beefy tuning i a really flat punchy pickup.... lots of note to note seperation compared to the thick 85.. i'm really suprised

i have seen the light wes :D

one thing i noticed though was that the 81 doesn't seem as hot as the 85, i had the 81 adjusted the same, then i went closer to the strings, still seems like there isn't as much drive, i think cause it's a cleaner more distinct sounding pickup, where as the 85 has more bass and treble...a little less mids... and a bit more drive & buzz

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oh good, i'm not going crazy, in this case it was the exact same guitar... i swapped 2 85's for an 81&60 to do a direct comparison.... i guess the 81 is why emg made the after burner :D which i also own, that'll be tomorow's adventure

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