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Changing Colour Of Neck Binding


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you can remove the binding and replace it. Its a lot of work for a simple aesthetic choice though.

firstly you have to remove all the frets and then get the binding off without destroying the paintwork. You would have to score all the way down both edges of the binding then gently prize it off with a thin knife starting at the fretboard face.

now the real question - where are you getting bright green binding? you can probably find some plastic that will do and i have even seen people make there own with a mold and some dyed epoxy. I think there is an article in the library over at mimf.com on making binding - they make some gold sparkle stuff if i remember correctly.

Ok. then its a case of attaching the new binding with whatever method you choose. Levelling it all of with the neck, redoing the side dots, refretting and finally doing the respray the neck will need.

so yeah, its possible to do - but is it worth all that hassle!!

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