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Jet King 2

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Find out the width of the neck at the last fret. Print the picture to size by using that measurement. Example: that last fret is 2.5 " long. Print the picture so that fret is 2.5" long. That will print the rest of the guitar to scale.

I usually put it in photoshop and make a big square around the guitar and use those for calibration points for when I tape the paper together. Once it's lined up, cut the guitar out, transfer it to board and then make your template. If done correctly you can use the template for an exact replica. I don't worry about the neck becuase I use a standard neck pocet and I already have neck templates for all the scales I make. So I make each template like it's a bolt on eventhough I might be making a neck through. I also make one for set neck too (if needed)


I had to do this with an ESP viper a month or so ago and I took some pictures of it.

On paper


Transferred to board and cut out


As you'll see, I scribed a centerline so I can line everything up when I route the rough body. Keeps the neck in line with the body and makes sure everything looks straight when it's done.

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do a center line, scale using the humbucker has size reference,

get it vertical and print at 50% then go to some site with map photocopiers and do it 200%

other system is to split it in 4 a4s and just tape them to do the template

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