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Filling the neck pickup hole?

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if its just gonna be black.

just get a wood block to fill cut to fit for the pickup cavity.

and a dowel the right size for the toggle selector (if its a 3way gibson style), or maybe wood filler/putty would be best for a blade style.

theres a few tutorials about how to strip a surface and refinish it.

$$ wise. I wouldn't know. Figure around $20 for parts + whats an EMG707 go for these days? 90? $110 maybe.

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Yea I do know how to solder... but i'd rather have someone else do it like at the guitar store. I don't have soldering gun either but I wish I did. I took apart the majority of the guitar today but The only thing left is the neck which is easy, but i'm having trouble with the volume and treble knobs.. do you know how to easily get these off? I saw the tutorial on how to take them off but the whole shirt grabbing thing doesn't work one bit. hmmmmmm what do I do?

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it might have a lil screw on the side. might need a tiny screwdriver (like the ones for eye glasses)

I dunno what kinda knobs u have. So either it might have the screw, and u forgot to loosen it (becareful u don't totally unscrew it...u may lose it).

Or you might just have to get some leverage some how to pop off the push on type.

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well I have the guitar neck off and I was thinking I could put maybe two screws in the wood. I wouldn't have to fill them in and it wouldn't be shown on the finish.

I'd put them in looking down at the guitar while it's vertical. if you know what I mean. I'm going for the Dino Cazares look on the 7 string. I'd also like to take one of my other guitars sometime and put an oil mahogany finish on there.. I think that'd look sweet.

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