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Fender Trem

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Im building an Ash bodied strat and the body is nearly complete. I contoured the body with my belt sander and Router then filed and sanded it smooth. I was really pleased how nice the curves finished up. Then I fitted everything up and drilled all the holes but I have a question re the trem. I have had no experience with a trem but I was given a complete Ibanez Mahogany body with all electrics and hard wear which included the tremolo. I also got a neck that came off another guitar that was set up for a Floyd Rose locking nut but have removed all that and I have filled up the holes by gluing in some dowels.

It has the knife edge trem with six screws it pivots on and I went to a bit of trouble to clamp it in place so I could accurately drill the 6 holes so they are bang on centre so it rocks smoothly.

I am assuming the trem should tilt forward and sit on the knife edge at maximum travel about 15deg?

If that is the case I guess the screws have to be adjusted so they are all exactly even at that point.

I have an idea of lubing the screws with a drop of silicone spray so it moves freely and over the saddle and nut as well.

Is there any advantage putting more than the three springs on it or will that make it to heavy to move.

I have to get a trem arm as that was missing.

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