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Neck Wood

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which kinde of wood should i use for the neck on a guitar for playing metal?

someon is giveing me some mohogony (enough to do maybe 4 guitars body and neck)so i hav easy acsess to mohogony .will that work good.

Mahogany makes a great neck wood. Gibson uses it on a lot of their guitars. It's a really nice wood to work with, carves easily.

The classic Les Paul tone is a mahogany body with male cap and mahogany neck. SG's are all mahogany, and the Explorers and V's are limba (korina), which is very much like mahogany in weight and tone.

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Slightly OT but if someone gave you enough mahogany for 4 bodies and necks you should be thanking them enthusiastically.

I bought enough Mahogany for a bit more than one body and it was almost $80.

You scored big if it was gratis!

what does OT mean :D

he got it a cuple years back when the company he works for had to get rid of it becaus someon who worked there got sick becaus of it and sued them .

so they had to get rid of the mahogony.

ive defenetly got lots of people to thank

my ( only)electric guitar is a yamaha pacifica and it was given to me for free!by a very nice guy.

and my parents gave me $50 to help buy my amp (not to mintion providing food and a house)

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