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Please Help Me With This Bridge


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I offered to help my friend out with his son's guitar but am having difficulty with intonating the bridge. Here are some pics of the rusty old thing...




The problem I'm having is after I set the height of the saddles then its difficult to turn the intonation screw because the height set screws sort of prevent it from moving. Hope someone can help me in here.



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I am not familiar with that bridge. But I would try and adjust the height of the entire bridge with the post screws if you can. Lower the saddle down pretty far, then adjust the the height with the post. You'll have less of the saddle height screws sticking out and that should help cut down the excess friction.

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First off it’s either a Schaller or a Bad Ass bridge. If you look under the bridge it will say B.C rich under it in big letters. If I’m guessing right, it’s on an NJ Warlock or Bich, or B.C Rico guitar. I’d think BC Rico because of the color and the cracks in the finish. I could be wrong though.

I’m not trying to be rude but do yourself and the player a favor and clean the bridge up first. IMO, any set up should come with the necessary scrubbing of hardware to get the job done correctly.

All 6 saddles are rather high so I would lower the saddles (maintaining the correct radius) and then raise the overall bridge a little bit. This should also allow you to lower the bridge pickup a little which will make the guitar look better overall.

When you take the bridge apart to clean it, you should use a little 3-in-1 oil or graphite under the set screws that adjust the saddle height. This will help the saddles move front/back easier.

This bridge just needs some tender loving care.

BTW, if it is a Rico warlock see if the player wants to sell it and PM me.

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I totally agree with the assement by zyonsdream but I would also move the bridge further back and start the intonation process with the saddless moved further forward. Looks like they are almost maxed out to the rear. Hopefully you are using some device to intonate the guitar (peterson).

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I personally think these are one of the best wrap around style bridges. They are made of steel, not brass or aluminum so they weigh a ton. Take that thing apart and buff it, replace the rusted set screws and it will look like new.

Then you have to take care of the cracks caused by wing shrinkage against the neck through blank. I had a rico mock that same off yellow (crème) color and I couldn’t match the paint to save my life. It got a strip and a nice oil finish. Looked better than that old tired 80’s color anyways.

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