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Warwick Bass Neck Join Method

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(Please avoid if allergic to cans of worms or voodoo)

So..... Here I go.

I've been doing some research while at school (the upside/downside to only being able to get to the basement on the weekend), and I was thinking about the tonal differences of set/through necks. I was also thinking about alternative construction methods, and I was reminded of a Warwick bass I picked up at GC a while ago.

See this picture:


It's a neck-through. It's a set neck. Well... It's both. Now I was reading up on the TK website, and I found this quote:

"If a neck through instrument has a maple neck and mahogany body wings; then 90% of the instruments tone will come from the maple, and only about 10% of the tone comes from the mahogany body wings, because nothing that is producing energy (I.E. the bridge) is directly attached to the wings. Because the bridge is actually mounted on the maple neck wood, rather then the body's wood."

With my wider-than-normal neck-through, both my TOM and tailpiece will be mounted into the maple stock. The tone from my first build is a bit less than ideal, but I'm thinking that's more from the EMGs than the maple neckthrough. In either case, I'm wondering if doing a "3/4 neckthrough" like Warwick would alter the tone of the guitar significantly. Has anyone taken this method? I've seen a lot of set necks/capped bodies/deep tenons, but I've never stumbled on a custom build using this procedure. Or maybe it's all just marketing... Who knows?

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