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Building A 4 String Bass

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Ok so I'm thinking of building a 4 string bass from scratch, completely. I want it to be a neck-thru, fretted, and about the size of a P-bass or a Jazz bass because my current bass (Dean Metalman ML) is just wayyy to big to bring to lessons and bring places, and I want more variety in sound than mine has.

I'd like to make a 5pc neck for it (maple with 2 bloodwood stripes), flamed maple tops on the body wings (still deciding the woods for the wings), and have an ebony fingerboard.

I have made one attempt at building a guitar with a friend but we gave up on it as the stuff we bought was really crappy and we kinda lost hope.

So I want to know if anyone has any go pointers on the basics of building the 5pc neck. Like...well everything...lol

I read the neck building topic in the tutorials and wanted to know what major diffrences between building a 3pc guitar neck and building a 5pc bass neck...

Thanks to anyone who can interpret this jumble of questions and can help!!!


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While the reply above is on the short side, it is essentially true - the only real manufacturing difference between a 3 piece and 5 piece neck is that there are two additional gluing stages prior to the blank being made. Once it's made into a neck blank, it can be machined and made in much the same way as a 3 piece.

If you're looking for instruction on neck-throughs, there are tutorials in the forums, just run a search for them.

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