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Bridge P/u Idea


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In January, I'll be rebuilding a single p/u practice guitar. It has one p/u: a bridge HB. My thought is to get a pair of bridge hot-rail type SC sized HBs and put them both in the space for the normal HB. This'd have 2 HBs blasting out through the bridge position. Now, this axe would only be good for one thing, but DANG! I'd have between 27-30k in output, blowing away an X2N or Dimebucker.

Any thoughts on how not to screw this up?

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I am not an electronics or pickup expert, but what on earth would you need that much output for. That is going to get muddy so quick it isn't funny. High output pickups were made to drive older low gain amps easier. With todays high gain amps, there is less of a need for those real high output pickups. Plus you'll notice, the X2N and the Dimebucker, do not get that great of reviews.

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