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Building An Fx Pedal [phaser]


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I know this forum is mostly about guitar electronics but don't many people here try to build their own FX pedals ? I've built a guitar and for my next one I'd love to integrate a phaser inside the body so I can play with the phaser speed while playing without having to bend down all the time. Matt Bellamy from Muse has an MXR phaser in his first guitars :D

Anyway reason for starting this topic is to ask for some tips as I don't know much about electronics. And find out if there are any other forums specialized in making FX pedals.


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I was looking into building a guitar with effects in it as well. As I looked into the price of what each effect would cost to build, I determined it would be easier and cheaper to buy an effect pedal and hack it into the guitar. I ended up buying 2 small foot pedal mutil processors. one for guitar, and one for acoustic. these are set it's effects and use one button up or down for banks. simple muti effects on a 9v.

if you have a love for just the phaser, buy a phaser effect, something with an adjustment knob on it and put it in the guitar.

If you are looking for DIY phaser circuits, I cant help. Just add it all up if you find it and decide if it is worth wasting time building something you could of just bought.

how did you want to adjust the phaser? a lever? a knob, a foot pedal?

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I know I would be wasting time and perhaps spending more money in the end but DIY is a passion just like making guitars for fun and to learn how they work.

Building a guitar with a DIY FX inside would be even more satisfying !

I'm looking to adjust the speed with a knob near the volume knob.

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MXR Phase 100

Bill of Materials

From: Guitar Effects Projects

Revison: 2006DEC08


1 - 20

1 - 3k9

1 - 4k7

4 - 6k2

22 - 10k

1 - 15k

5 - 20k

1 - 22k

1 - 39k

3 - 47k

6 - 100k

1 - 120k

6 - 150k

1 - 470k


1 - 20k Trimmer

1 - 500k Reverse Log (or 100k linear)


1 - 300pF

12 - 0.01

1 - 1uF

3 - 15uF


4 - 2N5088 or 2N5089


6 TL072 or equivilent dual opamps


3 - LED/Dual Photo Resistors units (VTL5C2/2 or VTL5C3/2)

1 - 1N914 diodes

6 - 8 pin IC sockets (optional)

1 - 2 pole 4 position Rotary Selector Switch (or 2 SPST toggle swithces)

1 - Heavy duty foot switch (DPDT or 3PDT)

2 - quarter inch jacks

9v battery snaps & holder and/or DC jack

Copper-clad board, etchant, 24 gauge stranded wire

The above is the bill of materials from a site I visit, minus the enclosure of course. You'll probably wanna swap the heavy duty foot switch for something else. You can use the above to go to www.smallbearelec.com and get the parts.

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