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Neck Crack

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My Ibanez S series neck has been cracked for quite some time.

Last night my golden retriever burst into the house and knocked her over.

Needless to say the crack expanded quite nicely and I would like to repair it.

I read the tutorial on the main site.. says i need to break the headstock the rest of the way off...

But my problem is as follows.

The neck is cracked on the side of the Floyd Rose Locking Nut. But not ABOVE the nut.. BELOW the nut. So the only way i can see to break the headstock off is to break the fretboard as well.... which i do NOT want to do. Is there anyway to break this without breaking the fretboard at the 2nd fret as well?

Any help is very greatly appreciated in advance... if pictures are needed i will post some as well.



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scratch that i just looked again.. the crack is in the shape of an arch.. from the first fret bar all the way up to the top of the locking nuts... then back down to the fret bar again on the other side.

I tried some gorrilla glue and brushing glue to the inside of the crack as much as i could and clamped it down.

I'll have pictures up soon. Right now its covered in glue.

Hopefully this works :D

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From what you describe it sounds as though the fretboard is keeping the neck together, that's if the crack has gone conpletely throgh the neck but managed to stop when it came to the fretboard.

If that is the case you need to I doubt if squeezing glue into the break will be strong enough to hold it.

Another problem is the amount of gluing surface you have, the more the better, whereas in your case it seems as if there is very little.

Anyway see how the repair turns out and try and get us some pics.

Hope all goes well

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Jaycee, thank you for the input.

I figured the same.. that it won't hold very well.

the fretboard however is not the only thing holding it together... its got about 1/16th of an inch more of wood for the crack to travel through before it reaches the fret board.

any ideas on how to break the headstock off without ruining the fretboard?

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Okay so the gorilla glue held the neck together seemlessly.

I can barely tell there was even a crack there anymore.

After only 2 hours of drying I am pulling on this thing as hard as i can and have no flex whatsoever. I put my tuners back in, sanded off the extra glue cleaned up the frets and threw my locking nut back on.

I need a new set of strings before i can get this bad boy setup.

...now lets hope that fret buzz finally disappears.

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After only 2 hours of drying I am pulling on this thing as hard as i can and have no flex whatsoever.

Don't do that. The glue isn't even fully dried and you just weakened it a considerable amount. Read the back of the glue bottle to see how long you should wait. After waiting this period of time you can bend away to test the joint. Gorilla glue does not hold a good deal of pressure in the first place, so hopefully you just didn't botch the repair, CA glue or Titebond dry much much harder.

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i realize this is the solidbody part of the forum but if you all dont mind, i had a very similar problem with my epi acoustic, the headstock snapped almost completly off after a very bad plane ride. i pulled the crack open, gave it some carpenters glue, let it seep inside and used some fine rope to tie the headstock down to the endpin and let it sit for about a week. then i carefully remove the rope, restrung and tuned, waiting for the neck to snap in half, but it didnt, it still holds its tune extremely well and i havent had problems with it for a couple years now. i probly just got lucky but it wasnt worth the expence to take it to a pro. good luck some times good things just happen. my apologies for taking about acoustics in the solid body thred, thanks

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