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Guitar Strap Screw

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Fit a longer screw is the safest option.

He's liable to split the wood if he tries that without preparing the hole first. And then there's the problem of finding a longer screw that isn't thicker--a longer screw might be too thick to fit through the strap button.

The woodpick and woodglue suggestion is the best one.

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This works for me, YMMV.

I use a round toothpick with the sharp pointed ends because that's what I have handy. I stick the toothpick in the hole as far as it will go and mark the depth. Then I cut it just a hair shorter than the depth of the hole, coat it with wood glue and put it in pointed end out. Reinstall the screw and button and let it set, preferably overnight.

I've had 3 strap buttons come loose in the last couple of months. I finally figured out it was because the straplock screws I was using were just a rch smaller than the OEM screws I took out. Go figure.

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