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Leds Advice

PTU 7's.

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you would want to keep the leds leads, and wires away from the truss rod.

the only way I can see damage is if you adjust the rod and it touches the LED leads or wires. if this is heppening and you have exposed metal it would probably short out.

if you build the finger board, route the wires away from the truss rod center line.

install the LEDS so they are flush top and bottom.

aside from adjusting the truss and haviong the neck bow... if you wire them up with wire rather then a circuit board, there will be no problems. if you use a circuit board... which seems far to complicated... it has potential for problems. broken solder joints etc.

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I want to put LEDs on one of my guitars i'm building, and I want to know is how you put them and if the Truss Rod can brake them.

Considering that the truss rod can break them when it administer some pressure.


If the LEDs are going into the fingerboard face (i.e. where the position dots are) most of the LED will be buried in the fingerboard. You need to use low profile LED's. The wires will be in a shallow channel on the underside of the board.

If you are using a truss rod that installs flush with the top of the neck blank, I'd put a hard veneer between the neck black and fingerboard (such as maple or purpleheart, etc.). I do this on all my necks anyway. You can glue that veneer to the bottom of the fingerboard after your LEDs are in and tested.

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