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Nitro Finish Dulled By Forearm?

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While cleaning/polishing my nitro-finished guitar today (with Preservation Polish), I noticed that the area where my forearm usually rests has dulled. Before cleaning I assumed it was dirt/grime on the surface, but it's actually a dull spot in the finish.

Is this normal or am I sweating acetone? :D I'm sure it can be buffed out, but I was wondering if this has occurred to anyone else.



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"Belt rash" is common,especially with nitro,if you play alot(like I do) or if you consistently wear semi,abrasive forearm wrapping(leather wraps,etc.)

But if you are a hard player,you CAN do it as well with just your bare forearm.I have belt rash on all of my guitars where my pinky finger hits the body and where my forearm rests,as well as in the typical belt area.The harder the finish,the longer it will take to happen.

One time in a local music store I tried out a BC rich custom shop virgin...I didn't know it was nitro,and I started a small rash just in the hour or so I was playing it.The salesman didn't say anything,but I think he learned his lesson.

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