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Removing Super Glue

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Scotch tape/razor blade combo is quite good at knocking down stuff, and leaving just a few thou to sand/file off. Also, if there's enough room between the frets you could file with the grain using a *small* file.



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+1 on the razorblade

+1 on the scotch tape on razor blade

Another cool razorblade trick that I saw at frets.com I think and heard here once long ago was the razorblade/scraper concept. You basically sharpen a razor blade like a scraper, obviously much more gently though and you get a wicked little tool for stuff like this. It takes practice though, otherwise you might not get a very even hook on the blade. You only need to turn the hook on the blade really. Anyhow, I've had it work well for me when fixing itty bitty stuff like this. It takes less pressure and strength than the regular razor blade which helps to control and avoid making scratches and nicks with the razor blade. Anyone else use or try this? Is this what anyone here means when saying they scrape using a razorblade? J

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