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Binding Setup


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I'm making an ML style guitar and want to bind the neck, headstock and body. How should I set up the neck so it's perfectly straight so I can use a pattern bit with the bearing on the end of the bit to cut the rabbet? I don't think hand planing it will get it totally straight and I don't want there to be a wave in the binding. Could I get a straight edge and use a pattern router bit with the bearing closer to the shaft to get the edge straight? Either that or use a jointer-planer for most of the length and use a hand plane the rest of the way. I'm not sure here. Please help. Thanks

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You could always bind the fretboard before attaching it to the neck. This way you get a bound neck without having to develop a setup to bind the neck, at least for that part of the neck, headstock would still require a binding jig setup. I just did mine this way Fretboard binded first Best of luck. J

Edit: Mattia beat me to it, its actually pretty easy to do this way.

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