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Behlen's Instrument Lacquer.


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So on my current project, I plan on shooting Behlen's Instrument Lacquer for a clear finish over black limba.

Before I do that, I want to soak up the wood with a sealer of some sort to harden the surface a little and prepare for the final finish. I tried epoxy (Liquid Wood from Abatron - takes forever to cure) on some scrap but I don't like the results. CA glue isn't great either - I don't like the colour and it doesn't penetrate into the wood that much (I tried "Hot Stuff" Red).

I was going to use Behlen's Qualasole padding finish as a sealer & washcoat BUT on Behlen's Instrument Lacquer instructions, it says that I should only use their Vinyl Sealer.

1- Is the vinyl sealer really necessary?

2- If so, where can I get it in Canada?

3- Any other alternatives? Would DEFT sanding sealer be compatible with Behlen's Inst. Lacquer?


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