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Building A Laminated Neck Question

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I'm planning a neck-tru mahogany guitar. I have a mahogany block

and I want to avoid wasting wood and I have thought this distribution

for the laminated neck:


Is it a good idea? I was wondering if is it warping-proof? The wings (from the same

lumber block) can be glued with the fibers in opossite to compensate on the body

side but not the neck. The real pic is:


('alas' stands for wings, and 'mastil' is neck in spanish)

and the laminated neck:


Any comment is welcome, and ideas for some other distribution for a next project

because the mahogany block from the pic is the half of a larger chunck.


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As a rule, no natural material is warp-proof although using the right cut and orientation of the wood will allay the warping to a degree. You could slice the neck wood in half and laminate a stiffer wood in there such as wenge, bubinga, ebony (spectacular but expensive) and it'll be a lot more stable.

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Jorger I recommend to cut the piece on the middle and glue them inversed, so the grain will not be for one side, preventing warp.

Te recomiendo que lo cortes al medio y que los encoles a la inversa, para que el dibujo/veteado de la madera no siga. Entonces con esto prevenis que en un futuro se pueda llegar a doblar por cuestiones climaticas + humedad.

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Do bear in mind that when you cut lumber, stresses within the wood which were balanced out whilst it was "in it's previous shape" may be released. Cut your laminates and let them acclimatise for a few days in case they decide to warp a little. It's not happened to me (thankfully) but as I recall, it's not unknown.

PTU7s: This wouldn't prevent warp per se, it would just balance out two (hopefully) equal movement forces within the wood if it did decide to warp.

Patience is best when cutting up wood and laminating it. Best to let it do it's own thing before you make it into something you want to stay in one shape! Cut it up, leave it, check it again for straightness and if it hasn't moved, glue 'er up!

Somebody more experienced please corroborate this.

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Flipping the middle piece is of questionable value. It *might* ba;ance the neck a bit if it is inclined to warp. What it will unquestionably do is make planing and shaping the neck more difficult, since you will always be working against the grain in one section of the neck.

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