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Sealing Body

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I have built an Ash strat body and thought I would try sealing it with resin. I used a product called Craftsman Liquid Gloss (resin and hardener) available from Spotlight stores in Australia and here in NZ. I dont know if it is an epoxy or not as it doesn't say on the containers.

I have previously used it for filling inlays on fret markers and sound hole rosettes and is a brilliant product that is crystal clear and cures to a hard surface after a few days curing and sands and polishes well. It stays clear and doesn't seem to yellow.

It is one of those self levelling resins that take several hours to set up and is used often on table tops to get a hard glass finish with one coat.

I brush painted the the body and sealed the cavities and hung it up by the tail pin screw. It covered really well with a few minor runs that will sand out before I lacquer finish it. The end grain covered like glass so must try some on Sapelle and see if it will seal that as it is a very porous wood. Im almost tempted to sand it smooth and lay it level and put a second coat on so it self levels although it is probably better to spray it with lacquer to build up the required finish.

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