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Neck Alignment Jig


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All the guitars I have built both acoustics and electrics have had glued in necks. I have found from experience once you have your neck glued and clamped then there is little or no room to run a straight edge along the edge of the finger board to check for alignment to centre line of guitar.

I had some 20x6 (3/4x 1/4" aluminium flat so made up an adjustable jig that will sit in place while clamping or screwing of neck is performed. We all know that feeling when a neck has been glued and a subsequent check reveals it is off line slightly.

This way the jig can stay in place until the glue has set if wanted and it is reassuring to see it is perfectly aligned to the bridge.

The Ash body has ben sealed with one coat of Liquid Gloss epoxy but needs to be sanded back once it cures.




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Just what i am looking for.

""The Ash body has ben sealed with one coat of Liquid Gloss epoxy but needs to be sanded back once it cures.""

How do you find the Liquid Gloss epoxy? I have a bottle of it ready to be used on my PRS hollow body... Is it easy to use? and easy to work with.

Where did you get the aluminium from?

Awesome jig.


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The Liquid gloss takes at least 2 days to dry properly and takes a long time to set up as it creeps for the self levelling thing it does. Ive used quite a bit it for all the inlays of paua I have used for fret markers and sound hole rosettes on various guitars. Every guitar has to have a bit of paua on it and there is a good range of colours available.

I used an old brush to apply it and done it all in one hit including the cavities and hung it up. I guess if you did the top and sides with it sitting flat the finish would probably be near perfect. I think the trick is to put it on very thinly so it doesn't flow out too much.

It sands and polishes well after a few days curing and gives a glass finish with one coat. The brush cleans up with lacquer thinners.

I will wet sand it and finish the whole guitar and neck with Microcat Lacquer.

The aluminium is available from an Aluminium supplier or through some of the Window manufacturing companies.

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