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Alesis sells a couple units with a "decimator" effect. AirFX is one (I have it), and Bitrman is another (never tried it - now discontinued and fetching ever increasing prices on eBay). The sound isn't exactly NES, but it's got some of that old school videogame feel for sure. So maybe a decimation-like effect and some tone shaping would get you where you want to be.

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When I was first starting to experiment and branch out with the guitar I used to use the Ring Mod effect on a DOD Tech-4 pedal and a BOSS EQ pedal for pretty much that exact purpose. With modern multi-FX pedals where you can layer on even more effects (low-pass, fuzz and light chorus together with the ring mod?) I imagine the sound would be quite passable.

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This one is the craziest ring modulator I've ever heard!!!!

EDIT: Just found

Maybe even wackier
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