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anyone try these?

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stewmac is AWESOME in my opinion.you pay a little more but you get top notch sevice,super fast shipping,and premium parts.the horror stories are usually from people who find a similar part elsewhere cheaper.but those similar parts are only that...similar.

but do shop around.just like anywhere else...you can get the EXACT same thing somewhere else cheaper sometimes.one other thing to remember...my card # has been stolen from some "secure" sites...but never from stewmac.

the other place i check for parts is carvin....they also have quality parts...sometimes cheaper

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Actually, several years ago Stew-Mac DID offer pre-shaped headstock necks. They did away with them for some reason...They were lacquer coated too.

I bought 3 Jackson-shaped necks at the closeout sale they had when they were dropping all the pre-shaped headstock necks a few years ago.

They are great necks.

Warmoth's standard rear contour with their compound-radiused 'boards still are my personal favorites for feel tho.

In comparison, my Stew-Mac necks have a flatter, slightly thinner and faster rear contour, more like a shredder feel, but not 'total' shredder-land. Just a bit flatter then the Warmoths.

The ones I have are really nice, great quality units.

I've only bought one Carvin neck, and it's going on a guitar that's curing now, so I can't yet comment on those, but they seem just as high quality as either Warmoth or Stew-Mac. Just holding it, it seems very similar to the Stew-Mac necks but not 'quite' as thin in the back. Close tho...

I'm not sure if mine seem thin because they were modelled after a Jackson 'feel' or what, or whether all of Stew-Mac's felt like that...but they are great necks.

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