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Wierd Wiring Problem I'm Having


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I just switched some pickups out on my Ibanez RG-550. I replaced a Dimarzio Breed in the neck with a Dimarzio PAF Pro and a SD Dimebucker in the bridge with a SD JB-4. I used a modified Ibanez automatic coil tap circuit because I have a hum/sin/hum setup. The middle pickup is a humbucking Dimarzio HS-3. The mod to the original circuit I did was making the neck pickup auto tap in position 2 but no auto tap for the bridge pickup in position 4. Instead, I have the JB-4 and the HS-3 both hooked up to a DPDT switch to tap them simultaneously (I did make sure that the top coil of the stacked-coil HS-3 was the one that would be on, not that that has anything to do with my problem.) Also, I have a mini-switch that turns the bridge pickup on regardless of the position of the 5 way switch. Anyway, my problem is that the JB-4 gets quieter when I have it in full humbucking mode than when I have it tapped. I'm pretty sure the problem isn't that I just wired it backwards and think it's tapped when it isn't, because when I rub the pole pieces with a screwdriver, it is how I thought, with both rows of poles making noise when it's dual coils (and quiet) and only one row when it's single coil (and louder). I'm not sure what's up. I'm pretty confident with my knowledge of wiring when it comes to humbucking/single coil tapping, but I don't know much about phasing or that type of thing. I think it may be possible it is out of phase, but I don't think so. I have the white wire from the SD going to the 5 position switch (where it is jumpered to the mini switch to turn it on regardless of 5 way position), I have the green and the bare going to ground, and I have the red and black wired together, connected to a mini switch that when activated connects them to ground, and when inactive does nothing with them. I'm not sure where my problem is, but I would sure like some help. Sorry if my explanation is exhaustive, but I want to give all the info necessary. Thanks.


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