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Strat Switch Tip Sizes?

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I have a couple of "Super Switches" from Universal Jems. (the part number [which is the Allparts # as well, I believe] is EP 0078-000 ) I need switch tips for them … I sort of forgot about this part. None of the ones I have in the shop fit these - I don't generally use blade switches, so I'm uncertain how these things are sized; I can't find measurements on any of the sites where I might order these - is this simply a difference between "import" and "domestic"? I have two different types here at the house that don't work; and unfortunetly, I don't remember where they came from, so I can't avoid ordering the wrong kind again! Ideally, I'd just throw some in with another order of some sort, but I'd like to get the right sort, you know? Anyone got pointers? I need two, preferably white.

Sorry for the stupid question.

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Stew-Mac's Megaswitch takes a larger slot knob (sold here). If the Superswitch is the same, problem solved. If not, sorry. That's all I got.

Strat and Ibanez switch tips are a different size. If I recall properly, the Ibanez tip slot is smaller than the strat tip. If I were you, I'd ask Universal Jems and ask them.

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