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Un-sticky, Yet Polished-looking Necks

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Finally got back to work on the current builds; finished wetsanding, and mostly buffed. (really need to get some finer stuff for the final rub-out to get the most shine)

Anyway, wasn't thinking and now the neck is almost unplayable - finish is so smooth your hand sticks to it trying to play. Might be a stupid question - Is there a way to get that glossy polished look and actually have a playable neck?

I know this has been touched on before, but I'm not finding the threads with the search - I must be looking with the wrong terms - should I just hit the neck again with sandpaper? I sanded out to 2000 before buffing, and it felt fine until I buffed, at which point it became too "sticky". I've never really had this problem with builds before - maybe I'm getting better (or worse?) at finishing? It's the same finish I've used in the past, KTM-9 over an epoxy grainfill. I guess I should invest in some satin KTM-9 for necks.

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it comes down to your own biology at the end of the day. I had a guitar collector/expert around the other day for a good old chinwag and he says he has never had a problem with it, also never had a problem with hardware corroding which i suppose is excellent for a collector. He reckons its simply down to how much your hands sweat... and thats why he is getting a guitar with a shiny lacquered neck and nickel hardware.. not something that would suit my sweaty palms

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Use the Micromesh pads instead of buffing...it gives a super-smooth surface, I haven't had any problem with stickiness. In fact, sometimes I have the opposite problem--it almost feels too slippery at first (that goes away after playing for a few minutes as things warm up).

Micromesh is the schiznitz. I never wax a finish.I just don't have any "sticky neck" problems.

Just yesterday I finished a new project neck. Wetsanded to 2000, then used the Micromesh pads on the front and back of the headstock to 12000. Headstock is nice and shiny, while the rest is a satin sheen that should polish up on its own from playing wear.

First time doing it this way, so we'll see how I likes it.

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