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3 Singles, 5way Master Vol, Bridge Tone


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I've allways wondered why strats have tone on the neck and mid but not the bridge where i feel its possibly more useful.

So Im wireing up a strat with 2 knobs and a 5 way and was thinking a bridge tone (or maybe bridge+mid tone?)

would probably be more useful than a master tone, any thoughts?

also i cant find a schematic for it so any help on that would be much appreciated


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so i modified a SD diagram, im not sure if its right,


but my switch isnt like that: it has 7 lugs all on one side, 3 at each end then 1 in the middle hmmm i dont think i explained that very well.

so how would i modify it to suit my switch?


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I have an inline switch that has 8 terminals and have just wired up my Strat so the middle tone control works in switch position 1 and 2, no tone for 3 and rear tone does 4,5. It is the suggested setup. Check this site. http://www.guitarnuts.com/wiring/menu.php

I used my multi-meter to find out which terminals were conected in each switch position and wrote them down.

On my 5 way switch starting from the jack end as number one. Terminals 4&5 are bridged on my switch.

Pos 1= 1,4,5,6 Neck

Pos 2= 1,2,4,5,6,7 Neck middle

Pos 3= 2,4,5,7 Middle

Pos 4= 2,3,4,5,7,8 Middle,Bridge

Pos 5= 3,4,5,8 Bridge

So 1 is neck pickup wire

2 is middle pickup wire

3 is Bridge pickup wire

4-5 is wire to left term. vol pot.

6 is wire to middle term. middle tone pot

7- No wire

8 is wire to left term. rear tone pot.

There are other options by bridging 7 and 8 so tone control is on every position.


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thanks guys,

i got it wired up last night, its great, im thinking about wiring my strat (this is a friends) a similar way:

neck+mid vol, bridge vol, bridge tone. any one tried anything like that?

ive always wondered why strats have no tone control on the pup that IMO needs it the most.

i mean really, does anyone use the neck tone??

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