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Stetsbar Tom And Neck Angle

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Does anyone have specs and measurements for the Stetsbar? I need the height capability and measurements of the TOM more specifically.

I'm in the process of figuring out neck angle for a solid body electric and I have a few questions about that too.

I've been told that a 2-3 deg backward neck angle will suffice for the stetsbar and I'm satisfied with this answer. I've also been told my options include:

1. Instead of a neck angle I can have the neck straight and build the fretboard proud of the body.

2. Have a slight forward angle like a classical guitar. I've been told this can really change the sound.

My question is:

How do the second two options change the sound and playability of the guitar?

Will the strings be more "slinky"? Will the sound of the guitar be more mellow or "poppy"?

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