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block sanding??

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The biggest risk is that your fingers will leave uneven grooves that will show up as a wavy finish or even cause you to burn through a coat or 2. You can get much better results with the eraser suggestion, or just get a soft sanding block or sanding sponge and wrap the appropriate paper around it. It will adjust to your surface while still giving uniform pressure and sanding surface.

Good luck :D

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thanks. I still don't understand why you cant just use your fingers. is an eraser really that much different than fingers? it seems like you would have more control if you used your fingers. I must be wrong, though, right?

The rubber has a bigger, flatter, more homogenous surface than your fingers. Quite simply, if you use a flat surface to sand, you should end up leaving a flat surface. If you use a bumpy pad like your fingers, you will leave a negative image of your pad (ie: dents) on your finish.

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