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A Couple Of Fret Problems

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these problems were actually already there when i bought the guitar (didn't find out until i brought it home...).

1. fret buzz on the 22nd fret (my guitar only has 22 frets), but it only affects the high e string. the others are fine

2. the strings (i use .008 gauge) constantly get caught under the fret. its as though theres a little slit just beneath the fret that allows the high e string to get caught under it.

how can i remedy this problem? thanks..

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If the E string is getting caught under the fret, the first thing to do is to hammer or press it back in. If it pops back up, wick a little super glue in, hold the fret down for a minute or two while the glue sets up. Then check your setup, and make sure the frets are level. It sounds like you have two problems causing the string buzz. The first is that the fret popped out a little making it sit high. Once you get it set back in, that may take care of the buzz. The other problem is that fret might be slightly taller than the rest. So it may need to be file/sanded down to level it out.

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