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Parker P-36 Repair

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Ok guys.

I just got this guitar in. what a mess it was. broken headstock. A big chip in the back and the fret were a mess....

I fixed that all and strung her up. Cool guitar sounds ok. But the Fishman Active Piezo System doesnt work. I flick the switch and nothing..............

Help. Is there anyway to not whats gone wrong. I have looked for lose wires etc nothing i cant find anything...

I dont know much about repairing piezos.


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Hang on a sec, try checking the piezo bridge for output before you replace the preamp. You can find the output wires from the bridge and hook them directly to an output jack. The volume will probably be very low going directly through an amp, but it'll be there if the bridge is good. If the bridge is good, pick up a new Fishman Powerchip. Should get you back on the road.

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