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Removing Paint From Binding.

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Hey All,

Been lurking for a bit, but still a noob.

I have a few projects that I will likely ask questions about here, but the first one should hopefully be the easiest.

I have a Les Paul copy that someone had painted in purple ceramic paint. My dad and I stripped the crap paint off, and found a real nice hard (poly ?) red finish that has white binding with small black lines in it. The only problem I'm having is there are a few spots on the binding that still has a little of the crap paint on it. What's the best way to get the paint off without messing up the binding, or having to replace it. Fine steel wool ? Super light sanding followed with plastic polish ?



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Even if you mask the bindings off you will probably need a bit of cleaning up with a razor blade. Hold it between your thumb and your index finger and use your thumb nail as a depth guide

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