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New Logo's Just Arrived From Doug!


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Just had a load of stuff arrive


i had a load of the pearlesant discs done, a few paduak ones as well. These will be simply intsalled by drilling a round hole with a forstner drill bit and filling in the logo with coloured epoxy. i also had some in thin pearl stock that can be stuck on and sprayed over and some gold ones as well. Lots to keep my going for a while.

i wanted to see what doug could do so i also got a fretboard inlayed with the logo in rosewood and the russ rod cover. he also sent me some of his other covers which really shows the quality well - i am tempted to have some gold versions of the mahogany one done at some point.... gotta use these first though!!!

All great quality and its going to save me no end of time i would have spent doing this same inlay by hand!!

next plan is for a full fretboard inlay - maybe i should have my arm tattoo inlayed black into a maple board... hmm - too many possibilities

cheers doug!!

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Those pearly inlays look superb.

Tell you what mate, if you took that wooden one and lay it on it's side to cover the whole of the body of a guitar and extend the point of the 'V' out and up the neck, that would make an awesome design for a guitar. Kinda like this if you get my drift:


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might be a good show piece at some point (when i need a show piece) - might work good with some kind of V shaped guitar

EXACTLY what I was thinking.

The shape lends itself beautifully to a 'rock' style, v shaped guitar (flying v?). What about even making the body from different woods cut to your design so the WV goes straight through. you know, like those guitars with a different wood going in a line through the body. Even the headstock could be made using the same design.

Can't get over how nice those pearl inlays look. Excellent mate. Thanks for sharing.

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