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Screw Holes Too High On Rose?

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Hello to all, first time poster here. My name is Rob, and I have a question. I am building my first guitar. I bought a Warmoth body, prepped for a Floyd Rose. When I tapped the 2 pegs into the pre-drilled holes, they did not go down flush. They do not feel like they will go any further, and I am afraid to tap them anymore. My question is this, is this normal, and are they fine the way they are, or are they too high, and they should have gone flush?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate all you do here on this forum.



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i would say yes, they are too high. i would like them to be flush, and they should be

Any suggestions on how I get them back out, or down in further?

Have you talked to Warmoth and let them know about your dilema? You should, and then ask them for advise. If they are confident the holes are deep enough to accomodate the studs, and tell you to proceed with more force, but the holes where not deep enough. Then they will probably be more than happy to remedy the situation. You bought it from them if you are having issues or concerns talk to them. There is no way anyone on this board is going to be able to turn back time and check the depth or diameter of the holes vs the studs (lesson learned you always do this before you proceed). If Warmoth is not confident that the holes are deep enough, then they may prefer you send the body back and let them fix the issue.


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