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About Grover Locking Tuners?

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OK, this is my first post here and I've got a few questions about these pegs, but 1st...

I'm currently deployed to Iraq and since I only have on guitar here with me, I've decided to play with it abit. It's a cheap Schecter 7 string and I'm gonna at least change the pups out and put locking tuners on it. I've really enjoyed seeing the builds some of you have done tho I fear that I could be in for an expensive hobby when I get home.

Now, the questions...

1st, does anyone have a source for individual grover locking tuners? I've looked thru every vendor I can find, no luck, nor can I find contact info for Grover themselves.

2nd, if I buy a set of inline tuners, what are the issues when using them on a side by side head? Weird string angles? Backwards key turning?

Finally, all of the hardware on my rig is brushed or satin chrome but I can only find the lockers in 'regular' chrome. Can I just steel-wool the hell out of them or is there a simple(ish) process to 'brush' the chrome?

Thanks alot.

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I can't find any vendors for grover tuners either, and I was looking for them yesterday for my new build. I have found a source for Sperzel and Hipshot lockings, both are great brands.


You can order an individual extra key for your 7th string. I'm not sure what tuners are on the Schecter, but before getting any tuners, you might want to check where the pin or screw placement is, and see if you can get a brand that match where the screw is. If you can't, then you'll need to drill new holes, even though they're pretty tiny I know some people are really picky about that stuff.

Yeah you're right about using a 6-inline with a 3x3 headstock. The tuner buttons won't line up, one side will be staggered. And you'll have to turn the knobs the opposite way on that side of the headstock.

The sperzels come in a brushed finish, and the Hipshots do not. To match the rest of your hardware, you might want to go with Sperzels.

Let us know what you pick, and welcome to the forum! Hope you like it here :D

Good luck over there, man :D We're rooting for ya.

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Hey, thanks. I'm looking at grovers because there're govers already in place. I don't care about drilling a little hole on the back of the headset, but I don't really have any way of guaranteeing that I don't totally jack up the guitar by trying to enlarge an existing hole. I have access to a beat up dewalt drill and thats about it.


edit: after trolling thru that link abit more (I found a ton of good info there) it may be that the sperzels will fit the existing holes. Gotta do a little more checking. Thanks again.

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Do you know what type of Grovers they are? Check out Stewmac.com as they list a number of different Grovers for sale. For the most part all of the newer ones require 10mm holes, which is the same as the Sperzels. I'm curious now to measure my acoustics tuners as it came with Grovers and they are from a number of years ago. If your grovers are 10mm you can drop in some nice satin chrome sperzels with just drilling the small locating pin, which is easy as pie. The sperzels packaging actually comes with a cardboard template so you get the spacing perfect no problem on the locating pin.

You should be able to buy a 3X3 set with an extra for which ever side you need, whether left or right, I would definitely buy a 3X3 set and just add on an extra tuner for which ever side has 4, this way you shouldn't have any issues with backward tuners or problems. If you didn't see this page check it, Sperzel Specs, it even says that he can request the 7th tuner be drilled for an "extra large low b" if you need for no extra charge. Pretty cool and on the other page it bacially says just tell them exactly what you need and they'll get it to you.

Anyhow, I think you'll be extremely pleased with the Sperzels, definitely my favorite, in fact I just got my second set of Satin chrome color, these ones in the 3X3 style for my project. I was severely stuck on whether to go satin chrome again or the newer polished chrome ones, both look amazing, but as with my ibanez I had to go with the satin chrome. I also really would like to see how the faux pearl buttons look at some point, maybe with some Satin black sperzels or even actually buy some real pearl buttons from Andy Depaule.

Also, sperzel has a site upcoming soon or so they say, its at sperzel.com, I check it once in a while to see when it will work, it will be really nice to order direct and have a list of all products they sell and colors, though that site listed is very thorough.

Anyhow, best of luck. J

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