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Removing Inlays


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Is there a way to remove dot inlays on a rosewood fretboard and fill up the holes to achieve the "no-inlays" look?

How difficult would it be and would i have to restain it or anything?

if your going to fill them anyway, why not just drill them out with the exact same size drill bit? and either way, you will have to restain to get an even look.

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drill a smaller hole in the middle of the inlay, you will probably find it comes out nice and clean anyway but if it doesnt it will lever out easy enough. this prevents the risk of missing centre and enlarging the hole that you get using a drill the same size as the inlay.

then try and find some wood that matches as closely as possible to make new dots from. it will never be invisible

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it will never be invisible

Yep, plugs show especially on rose (maple, don't even think about it). Ebony works pretty good though.

It all depends on what you're looking to do. If you just want it to look good up on stage, not a big problem, but it will never look right up close.

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