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Wanting To Paint My Esp M-50

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Hello Everyone ! So i bought this ESP M-50 a year ago ( i'll post a link for a picture):


I just got completly sick of it ! I hate guitars that are so simple ! So i got a guy to paint it. He is honest and it's not much expensive. I dont want any complicated thing, i just want it to look different! I have no idea of what i want really and i dont know what would look nice. Would squares look nice ? Like green and black, or blue and black. Or should i just pick another color like dark red or green? Anyone have any ideas ? Thanks ! Maybe you could also post some pictures of some cool paints! Simples ones =)

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How about a color changing paint, color depends on what angle the guitar is viewed. The paint is expensive 30 to 40 bucks for 4oz at a auto paint shop, but that amount is enough for 2 guitars if you follow the instructions. Have fun. By the way colored squares would look way to retro 80's in my opinion.

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