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Water Based Stain Tips?


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I've read here and other places about the grain raising when using water based stain. I put my first coat on tonight and did get a little raising. I did some searches on here and the net and got mixed answers to what is done if anything between coats of stain. I got sand with 220 grit, or steel wool between coats, and dont do anything.

Any advice on this subject?

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It's best to dampen the wood before you stain, the sand lightly (220 grit or finer) just to take off the "fur". You might have to do this a couple of times. Then proceed with the stain.

this may help

You should be ok to go ahead and sand lightly now, though, then continue with the rest of the coats... how much are you applying?

Avoid steel wool - it can leave little bits of steel embedded in the wood which will rust - not good.

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I did dampen the wood and sanded a couple times before I stained and there is only a little bit of raising. On certain parts of the carved top it seems a little more prominent. Is it possible to dampen and sand enough that the grain would'nt raise at all when staining?

mikhailgtrski, when you asked how much am I applying did you mean how many coats or did you mean am I really soaking it with the stain? Coats, I'd guess at least 2 more. Soaking, not really at all. Thanks.

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