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I Got A Drill Press Finally


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Nice, congrats! I know what you mean, I say the same thing about every decent sized tool purchase I make, especially my bandsaw, it was like night and day, though I have probably used my router a lot more. I have been using the drill press non stop for like three days, making holes for everything necessary in my project from output jack to neck bolts inserts. Sadly, I only have a rinky dink cheapo and it doesn't have the reach for everything I need, plus it is nowhere near the quality a normal one would be. I couldn't even reach the bridge pickup route to clear it out with a forstner, though I got some of it out, I was forced to do it with a regular drill.

There is always these funny coincidences around here for me. Tonight while I was out getting some strange sized bits at Lowes, I spent a decent amount of time staring at the drill presses. Mainly a still portable Delta, I'd rather have the floor model, but I will need to find room, I don't even have room for my bandsaw yet, I still have it on a portable little stand that lets me move it when need be, but also lets it vibrate more if I have it on for a while. Anyhow, the Delta seemed very, very nice for a little press 12" I believe it was. There was a nice Hitachi as well, but it was about a 10" I think and the Delta was only $30 more at $179 I think. It had lasers and all kinds of junk. I can't wait to have a decent press with different speeds and all that good stuff.

Well, keep us posted on what you think of your new press. I'm curious on the quality of that line of Delta presses, so I can buy one. My crappy press makes me nervous, while it works just fine, the table is one that would break under too much pressure, I'm definitely buying an arbor press for fretting. Well, best of luck and enjoy your new press! J

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