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Copper Inlay


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What shape are you trying to inlay? I know that Dick Blick art supplies sells small sheets of copper. Copper is soft enough you can cut it with scissors and make any shape you want. Then just proceed like normal and glue it in. I'm pretty sure this is not the "Best" way to do it, but it is one option. Just check the thickness of the copper sheets first, since I never really looked at that. I just bought the thinnest stuff they have for cavity shielding.

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I was reading about using an amalgamator for silver but is it at all possible to use that with copper?

I think this guy is thinking of a 'liquid' inlay by mentioning 'amalgamator' in his post.

If this is the case, although i'd always go the 'traditional' route, seek out 'inlace' at a woodturners - that'll

give you the look you're after.


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I use copper for inlay material a lot, as well as nickel, silver, and brass. I use sheets that I get from Rio Grande that come in .05". It takes a little more arm strength to saw, but beyond that, it works pretty much like any other inlay material. It is also interesting in that you can bend it to fit the sharpe of the fretboard (although in this case it would be flat).

It's a little tough on the saw blades in that they tend to break when making tight turns.

Inlaying in copper really shouldn't be a problem. If you want I could cut you the pieces and you could inlay them.

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