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Humbucker Ground Issues?


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Hey guys,

I do not normally come accross noisy humbuckers and the weird thing is that the bridge pickup in this 72 ES335 has a very low noise ratio and they are both original pickups and have the same patent model. I pulled both pickups and wired them directly to an input jack to remove all other possible noise from the rest of the circuit. It is completely baffling me. The pickup has very decent sound quality but unacceptable noise floor. I'm one hundred percent sure it is grounded and it seems like a shielding issue but wouldn't the other "identical" pickup have the same shielding issues? Cloth and braid wire, no faulty wiring or spliced in wiring. The hum does change based on which directions I point it so it must be some kind of interference. Any ideas to test them or any experience with this? Thanks guys! This board continues to be an inspiration at solving the most dumbfounding problems!

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Are you working under flourescent lights? Nearby TV or computer monitor? Light dimmers in the room? Near your soldering iron?

Maybe one of the coils in the humbucker is being shorted out (loose wire, shorted pickup winding?) and it's effectively running as a single coil pickup?

None of those and it does it regardless of the room Im in.

Any way to check those shorts without removing the cover and back?

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