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How to yelow a white polyurethan coat ?


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B) Hello,

I need some help ! I've bought a brand new Ibanez Jem 7 white in the last few weeks and I'm a bit decived while there's two différents white on it :

The headstock have a light "vintage" white (a bit yellow), and the body is clear white. I'd like to know what can I do to make the to part the same color ?

Is ther any thing to put on a coat whitch yellow this one or must I refinishthe guitar :D

If I must refinish the guitare where I can have the transfert decalc of the the brand "Ibanez" and the word "Jem",because I'm a real" finish maniac" :D

Ithink Ibanez use polyurethan coat which are UV resistant.

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Guest AlexVDL

Oh man, please send me one of those cans of shoe polish.. that looks unbelievable great!!!

I don't think that Kiwi stuff is available here in the Netherlands, so could someone buy one for me and send it to me? Name your price B)


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Thank very much Butnut for your answer , you are the first one who give me one solution for my problem. B)

Concerning the exchange of the guitar It will be to expensive for me, cause Ive ever paid 120 $ for the shipping to France and 250 $ more of import's taxes. So if I return the guitar to USA I loose the price of the taxe, I must paid 120 $ for shipping to United states and I'll must paid again the same price for the new guitar (shipping and taxes) so It will cost approximativly 500$ more ! :D

Thanks again for your answer (for everyone).


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£400 if you want me for the whole night

isn;t it just regular brown shoe polish (liquid in a sponge topped bottle)

Hey bro...I was gonna link this post to your question on the aged pickguard. Lots of info here on TFF post. Actually, the KIWI brand does'nt matter..I think. Any shoe polish (the waxy kind in the flat can...NOT the sponge tip bottles) should work. There must be some dye in there. I did scuff the Tele with 0000steel wool to dull the paint which really makes the brown absorb quickly. My Strat was cleaned with acohol, or was it lacquer thinner? to remove all wax. It has a poly finish so thinner won't hurt it. You have to clean the surface or the polish will just wipe off clean. Lots of instructions posted so I won't repeat. Good luck. :D

Alex...you gotta have shoe polish there...you guys wear shoes right? B) hehe Let me know...or I'm sure something can be ordered online. Good luck.

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I don't think that Kiwi stuff is available here in the Netherlands, so could someone buy one for me and send it to me? Name your price  B)


It's available in Germany, so I don't think you should have problems getting it over in the Nederlande

If all else fails, I'll send you some cans for the retail price plus shipping from Germany.

so long


P.S.: come to think of it, do you think anyone at KIWI knows that their shoe polish has become a hot secret tip among guitar customizers?

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