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Clear Lacquer Qusetion

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Well, you definitely skipped some grits (even missing some in the first list), and you didn't go very high. That could be your problem. I was just looking around and I found a post by Drak that seems to describe your problem to a tee. Might find it helpful.


Stew-mac sells micro-mesh sandpaper (Clicky), which should really help you get some serious shine. It basically replaces polishing compound.

Oh and one other thing, Drak mentions it but I will as well, I noticed you only put 5-6 coats down. That doesn't sound like much, and considering that your going to have to go back and sand again, you could be looking at a lot of sand-through. It might be a good idea to lay a little more clear down, just in case.


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Yes 3 different grits 320-400-600-1200-1500 I have all of these but used 320-600-1200!

Sounds like you missed a few steps. Like the 400, 1500, there is also an 800 and a 2000. They are progressive for a reason. Each is to remove the last ones scratch marks at a slow progressive rate. I would go to 2000 grit progressively before even thinking about buffing and polishing, but that's just me. I prefer to use Micromesh after the 2000 grit before even using a buff wheel.

JUst my .02 cents.


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I also am switching from rattle can, (Deft), to gun. I wish someone would answer to original question. Which nito lacquer gives the best resaults?

I have only used McFadden's nitro lacquer purchased from Grizzly.com. I have had excellent luck with it, but like the other posts have stated, you still need to go through all the tedious sanding steps before buffing to get the results you are after.

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