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Copying The Guitar I Own?

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Here's the thing... I own an ES-175. I'd like to make a guitar similar to it but not exact. I already laid the guitar on some tracing paper and managed to get a pretty nice outline. How do I do things like replicate the f-holes? Are there any nifty ways of tracing them? Also, how will I get the shape of the headstock, short of taking all the tuners off and tracing it?

Basically I want some tips for a situation where you actually have a similar guitar to the one you want to make. Any good ways to exploit that? BTW, does anyone know of any sources for archtop templates? I know about the D'Angelico and Benedetto plans, but is that all there is? D'Aquisto? Assorted Gibsons? That would be nice!

And hello! I'm new here. :D

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For the headstock tracing without removing the tuners get yourself the same thin cardboard as buddy suggested for your f-holes. Cut a rectangular hole just wide and long enough to let the tuners pass through but not so wide that the headstock edge is no longer covered by the cardboard. You can then do the rubbing thing from above or just trace it from behind.

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