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Stain Swirl?


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Put your guitar body on something like a record turntable, turn it up to high speed, and drop some stain on, sort of like that kids art toy.

I had that idea for a swirl also.

Put the guitar on a spin base and throw the stain onto the guitar, and there you go (if it works :D )

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Transparent paints, aka kandys, would be the way to go over a body that was already cleared and level sanded and scuffed so they would have somthing to adhear to.

I would probably over reduce House of Kolors KK Kandy Concentrates in a mixture of S100 intercoat clear. You can buy small quantities of the KK Kandy Concentrates from Coast Airbrush.

For airbrushing its not uncommon to reduce these paints up 300% so you have a lot of room to play. When I had a bunch of this stuff mixed up as left overs from an airbrush seminar I test swirled some small objects and it worked well.

Your milage may vary, even reading this post in the state of California is unsafe at any speed.

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