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Blush Removal Options

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I sprayed some nitro at 2pm today and it looked okay. But it's been rainy here and when I checked on it a few hours later, there was significant blushing in the finish. What can be done now to remove it? I put a heater near the guitar just now and I'll leave it overnight, in case that helps.

How long do I have to get rid of the blush anyway? If a blush eraser aerosol is the only option, will it be of any use by the time it arrives by mail order in a day or two?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have read many many posts where people would say leave it for a day and it'll go away on it's own accord.

That has NEVER EVER happened to me. If I get a blush, it's there to stay until I get rid of it.

And using blush eraser in moist conditions can make things worse than they are now.

What I'm saying basically is that if your conditions weren't right to shoot in the first place, best bet is to just stop unless you can change your environment to a much better situation until they improve.

You need a warm, dry (spray finish friendly) environment to apply blush eraser.

Basically, blush eraser is like the 'undo' button on your computer, under the right conditions, it will just take you back to where you should have been originally before your 'unfortunate event' happened.

If you apply it under the same 'unfortunate' climatic conditions, nothing much will improve.

Putting a heater near the guitar can make things far worse. When wood heats, it expands, which can cause moisture bubbles to try and expand out from the wood pores, which your finish will trap, so on top of a bad blush event, you will now have a bad blush event AND bubbles popping up under your finish.

It can go from mildly bad to all out worst case scenario WOD-food pretty quick.

Been there. :D

PS, There is no time limit on using blush eraser.

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PS, There is no time limit on using blush eraser.

Thank goodness. I ordered some last night and it should take a couple of days to get it. I knew better than to spray in such moist conditions so I guess I got what I deserved. Hopefully this will get me out of the woods since I'm almost finished with the guitar. Next time I'll definitely wait for better conditions and have a can on blush eraser on hand to begin with. Live and learn I guess.

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Excellent, I'm glad the 'undo' button worked for you. :D

Don't overuse the blush eraser tho, if you use too much unnecessarily, it can permanently soften your finish.

What you did was correct, a really light misting is usually all that's necessary.

Falls under the 'too much of a good thing is never good' philosophy. :D

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